Upgrade Your Accounting Solution and Reduce Risk with Abila MIP Fund Accounting and Fund Raising for 2019

It is essential for growing nonprofit organizations to have the correct tools in place to properly track financial data. Information from an accounting solution should be easy to access and enable key stakeholders to analyze reports and make informed decisions.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting is a configurable nonprofit-focused accounting solution that helps nonprofits stay organized, make informed decisions and report with ease. You can tailor MIP with modules that make the most sense for your organization.

Track money back to specific grants, funds, programs and other sources MIP provides a segmented chart of accounts structure, allowing you to easily configure segments to track specific funding sources and expense assignments. During the implementation phase, you have access to an MIP expert to guide you through the process of setting up chart of accounts tables so your organization can fully leverage the power of tracking transactions right from the start.

Reports make critical financial decisions easier MIP provides a built-in reporting tool, which means you can easily create reports without complex processes or external applications. A comprehensive set of preconfigured reports are available right out of the box, including a host of financial statements and General Ledger reports that will enable accounting staff to hit the ground running. The reporting system also offers powerful customization options including cross fiscal year reporting to present financial results in a variety of ways for funders, board members, key stakeholders and colleagues. Export options allow you to extract information in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF and mobile access.

Easily maintain budgets in varying time periods With MIP, nonprofits can create budgets for any time period, including cross-fiscal year and grant year. You can enforce budgets control with a single click, and activate warnings when there is a risk of overspending. This feature is also popular because of its forecast capabilities and “what-if” financial planning scenarios.

Access from anywhere, at any time With today’s on-the-go lifestyle the ability to access the most current financial data away from the office is essential. Abila MIP Fund Accounting is mobile and provides you full access to key data, and allows you to perform key tasks on a smartphone or tablet.

Detect fraudulent activity within your organization MIP Fund Accounting provides a number of reporting and configuration options to help detect when fraudulent activities might be taking place, including alerts triggered by suspicious activity, like large cash disbursements, suspicious transactions or changes to internal controls. With comprehensive reporting capabilities, you can help simplify the audit process and suggest how your organization can safeguard its most sensitive information. MIP Administrators can also restrict specific end-users or user groups from accessing confidential information, such as employee salaries or other departments’ budgets